Pearl Care PDF Print E-mail

Here are a few suggestions that will surely help preserve the beauty of cultured pearls:

• Pearls should be put on after the application of makeup, perfume or hair spray. After they are worn, a soft, damp cloth may be used to wipe them free of any of these harmful elements. Cultured pearls should be washed periodically with a mild soap.

• Cultured pearls must be kept away from hard or sharp jewelry items that could scratch them. Pearls are best stored in a soft cloth pouch, or a separately lined segment of a jewelry box.

• Body oils and cosmetics also can damage the silk or nylon thread on which the pearls are strung. If the pearls are worn often, it is best to have them restrung by your local jeweler once a year to avoid strand breakage.

• To prevent all the pearls from coming loose should a strand break; make sure the string is knotted between every pearl. Individual knotting also protects the pearls by keeping them from rubbing against each other.

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